Sybil Davidson

Sybil Davidson

North Georgia Conference Communicator

Some are called to ministry that comes with ordination, robe, and stole. Others are called to serve the church in less conventional ways, using their vocational gifts to do God’s work.

Sybil Davidson, Conference Communicator and member of the Office of Connectional Ministries for the North Georgia United Methodist Conference, helps to unify and connect United Methodist churches across the conference. Through this relational ministry she helps weave together the fabric of a faith community she calls home.

An interview with Sybil about her call story and ministry

Davidson, a lifelong United Methodist, remembers first pondering her call when she was in high school.

“…it was the first time that I considered ministry as a career choice.”

“My pastor at the time was open to us asking any question,” says Davidson. “He answered theological questions, he answered hard questions, he told us about his call to ministry and why he was a clergy person—it was the first time that I considered ministry as a career choice.”

Davidson went on to study communications in college, but thoughts of a deeper call lingered in the back of her mind. As she searched for her first job, her questions about ministry resurfaced.

“My parents’ pastor encouraged me to apply for a job at the North Georgia Conference newspaper, The Advocate,” said Davidson. “The Advocate was a place I could use my skills in writing and graphic design and also serve the church. When they offered me a job, I decided to take the opportunity.”

Davidson was able to use her vocational strengths—writing, layout, design—while serving as graphic designer and staff writer at the newspaper for eight years. After the birth of her first child, Davidson found herself seeking a new direction. She left her position at The Advocate not knowing exactly what was next, but the connectional nature of The United Methodist Church provided a clear path to the next leg of her vocational journey.

“In no time at all I got a call from the Conference communications office asking if I’d be interested in a part-time job,” says Davidson. “It was the easiest decision I’ve ever made.”

Several years later the way ahead was made plain once more as she sought a full-time position. It came in the form of an offer from the director of Connectional Ministries. Davidson began working with the Connectional Ministries office where she got first-hand experience with ministries like disaster response and local church training. Not long after that, Davidson transitioned into the role of conference Communicator, the position she holds today.

“It again gave me a chance to grow and have a birds-eye view of ministry, still getting to use gifts and skills that traditionally don’t seem like things you can use to serve others,” says Davidson.

Davidson says she feels grateful to be able to serve the North Georgia Conference and The United Methodist Church at large.

“There are more than nine hundred United Methodist churches in the North Georgia Conference, and to be able to connect them with each other and to help connect them to the great work that’s going on is such a wonderful opportunity,” says Davidson. “I appreciate being able to live that out as a part of my career.”


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